Friday, July 31, 2015

Life Lately

               The summer is flying by so fast- I can't believe we have found ourselves at the end of July already! Life lately for this kid has been so full of growth- mentally and physically- this kid is embarking on a whole new exciting world of boyhood. Boys I have decided are weird and stinky- living up completely to their reputation- they eat a lot and are never full. This kid is learning to cook- eggs, smoothies and most recently waffles- at least one day he will be able to feed himself! This kid is all of the male stereotypes with a dash of my baby boy still thrown in- he is so willing to please- offering to help at the most unlikely of times- just when it's needed most.

             This kid is also growing and changing so much- the social butterfly- always talking about an ever changing cast of characters that flow through her life. Stories of cats who do Zoomba and naughty boys at camp- this kid needs to tell all the stories. This kid is turning six in a few short weeks- where the time went I don't know but I am loving getting to know her a little more each day. This kid is already so complicated- something we have known from the start. This kid claims she is one hundred years old just really short for her age.

           Life lately is all about growth for our entire family- we are still adjusting to life with me at work full time and how that changes our summer days. We all appreciate our time together that much more than we did before- making our days together special, quieter and much more relaxed. Life lately for me has been a lot about letting go- of perfection or the myth of it anyways- making due with store bought pizzas and cookies. Life for me has become about making things easy on myself- for us all really because who the heck wants to stand in the kitchen when there are snuggles to be had!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thrifted Thursday: Vintage Quilt

         So naturally my love of textiles extends to vintage textiles- I love to think of an item having a life long before me and potentially long after me. When I came across this sweet little quilt a few weeks ago in a shop I fell in love- with the colours and hand stitching- even the worn spots- this quilt has travelled. I behaved though- I held off- I walked out of the vintage store that day with no quilt in my hands- my rule is if something is still there when I next return then it is meant to be. I went about my business with this beautiful quilt tugging at the corner of my imagination- it would be perfect for my girl- the perfect size for her vintage 1950's bed- plus the colours called out her name.

       I walked around with the thought of this perfectly imperfect little vintage quilt for quite a few weeks- put off mainly by the cost but also the thought that I might find something else. I think I knew in my heart of hearts I wouldn't find anything more perfect and I made my way back to the vintage shop with fingers crossed that my little red quilt would still be there- and of course it was because it was meant to be.

             This quilt is perfect for a girl about to turn six years old- the perfect combination of whimsy and colour- scraps of fabric from the 1940's and 50's combine together in a Dresden Plate pattern on a well worn white background. What I love is the equal amounts of hand and machine stitching- I imagine this quilt was sewn when home machines were starting to become more sophisticated as there is a fancy machine embroidered edge.

        I will admit that this vintage score was tough to give over to my eager girl- she loved it as soon as she laid eyes on it- this really is the perfect quilt for her. In a world of pink this quilt embodies everything I strive for in my girl's life- it's different and special just like her.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Hiking: Bridal Falls

         On our recent visit out to Harrison Hot Springs we decided to make a pit stop to stretch our legs on our way back into the city. We pulled over to explore a spot that we have driven by probably about a dozen or more times per year for the past 13 years- Bridal Falls. The falls are awe inspiring from the highway so I was excited to see them up close for the first time.

          Although this is a very well worn and maintained path it is pretty much straight up hill- so little legs can make it but apparently many diversions and rests are called for! Luckily there are many easy access spots down to the creek prime for rock throwing and pretend fishing- the icy cold mountain water refreshing on a hot July day.

         Pausing to play beneath this wonder of our province it is easy to forget we are just off the highway- the crowds dropping away- nothing but the booming waterfalls echoing in your ears. With in minutes of entering the forest traffic nightmares are forgotten- the air changes- hushed and sacred. Studies show that even a few minutes of nature each day lessens stress in adults as well as children- a necessity for all walks of people these days.

        The Fraser Valley is on our route home to the Okanagan and usually we are in such a hurry to get home to our family- this is the point in the highway where the city traffic starts to fall away and we can make up for lost time. It was such a treat to explore this part of B.C.- pausing to enjoy the sights we take for granted- stopping where we never have time to.

      Friends it is Friday once again- time to get out there and enjoy all that this beautiful planet has to offer- may the sun be on your shoulders or in your heart- Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thrifted Thursday

          This Summer I am trying my best to really curb my thrifting- I am trying to consciously consume only what I need. I've found that it is so easy to be swept away by the thought of a gem passing through one's fingers- when in reality if you don't find that gem to be useful then there is no point. So it is with this in mind that I have focused on creating a wardrobe that is useful and loved- which means garments being worn and used.

         One of my current go- to pieces is this yummy off white gauze dress- picked up for a song because of some minor imperfections- just wonky enough to not be a top quality vintage piece. I love it and have been wearing the heck out of it during this heat wave! This piece embodies everything I love- that throwback to Victorian style- all be it Victorian night ware perhaps! This dress is meant for adventuring and that is just what I have been doing while wearing it! Adventure is out there!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Field Trip: Springs RV Resort

          It's no secret that for a while now our family has been lusting after own own little slice of paradise- a home away from home- a get away of sorts. In Vancouver and surrounding area the real estate market is fierce and even recreational properties in our budget are difficult to come by. So when we were offered a weekend out in Harrison Hot Springs at the Springs RV Resort we of course jumped at the chance. We are always game for a new adventure!

          When we pulled into the resort we were greeted by the ever friendly Natalie and her staff- they introduced us to the resort- explaining the ins and outs as well as showing us the way to our home for the weekend. Being experienced tenters we have never really considered Rving before- we are pretty happy with our nomadic and compact way of travelling- Our in-laws are RVers and we have always been curious about the appeal of RVing- more glamping than camping! When we opened the door to our RV for the weekend- in an instant- I understood- a queen bed, flush toilet and running hot and cold water-  all the amenities of home!

        Springs RV Resort takes a really unique approach to the traditional RV resort- complete with beautiful wooden decks and "shabbins" at the back of each lot. In addition to being beautifully laid out the resort really caters to families of all ages- there were many multi- generational family groupings that we encountered over the weekend. Grandparents with their children and grandchildren- everyone together having a good time. During our time at the resort we participated in a number of events designed for the younger crowd- arts and crafts on Saturday morning as well as an awesome animal encounter with the folks from Urban Safari Rescue.

          When we weren't busy hanging with giant tarantulas and snakes there was plenty for us to do- in spite of the rain we hit the pool and hot tub at the Whistler style kid's clubhouse- which of course no one wanted to leave! The feeling of family permeates everything at Springs RV Resort- from Friday night burgers to movie night and Saturday morning coffee- this is a place to be social- a real community of weekenders. More of a luxury resort than your average trailer park!

           Springs RV Resort offers so many different types of escapes- from overnight rentals, seasonal leases to sites for purchase- making the dream of affordable recreational property a reality for many folks. We enjoyed our getaway from the city- exploring a corner of B.C. we had yet to visit- we had no idea that such a place existed only a 90 minute drive from downtown Vancouver! Many thanks to the owners and staff of Springs RV Resort for our wonderful weekend- we can't wait to make a return visit!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Life Lately

       Life has been moving pretty fast these days of late- so much of our time is spent in motion- running, walking, scooting, swimming. I always have really big plans for everything I am going to do over the summer- such a brief flirtation with light makes these days so precious that I feel like I need to fill those days wisely. What actually ends up happening is quite the opposite- much of our time is spent seeking out cool places by the shore or poolside- which is exactly where the past week has found us!

         Life lately has seen this wee boy of mine becoming more of a "man"- I'm not quite ready to give him up to the world of men as yet but there are brief glimmers when I see the man he is to be peaking through. He is showing an independence I have not seen- walking ahead of the family- eager to get where we are going. The fact curator is in full swing this summer- spouting interesting bits of knowledge that he certainly did not learn from us- showing us where his interests lie. Much like everyone else on earth this boy is wanting validation of his emotions- asking that we at least listen to why he is angry or sad or happy- all of the feelings are happening and they all need to be talked about.

       Life lately has seen this wee girly of mine in new summer sandals- a physical representation of just how much she is growing- her arms and legs stretching and becoming lanky- strong with all the running and swimming. I can see impressions of her friends and classmates where none existed a year ago- sometimes I recognize a funny voice or laugh of another little friend. This one is wise beyond her years- telling us fantastical stories as long as we are willing to listen- so many questions to be answered about life, God and how the world works.

    As I said life is moving pretty fast- I hear Ferris Bueller daily mocking me to look up or I'm going to miss something. I love the family we are becoming- this Golden Age of my children- who aside form constant squabbling are pretty amazing little people. I'm not really afraid of missing anything- I'm not afraid of time unwinding so quickly I can barely breath- I know that these are the days that my children will remember- that will form them and all I need to do is be there- with them for them- to let life happen.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Year of Making: Nordic Wind Shawl

           I may be a little late to the Cabin Four Nordic Wind Shawl Party but I sure am glad I joined! Lately I have been really struggling to complete my sweater- I have just gotten super bogged down in all the tedious rows that go into making such a large garment. I needed a really easy win- a quick and satisfying knit that I could be wearing with in the week. Yes I realize how ironic it is that I am having a crisis of knitting during a heat wave but it is what it is!

         I decided to knit the Nordic Wind Shawl in the exact colour way that was suggested in the pattern- I plan on making another more colourful version but for my first shawl I wanted something subdued that would go with my wardrobe for everyday wear. This shawl is reminiscent of the colours and textures of my life- the sand and rocks of the shores we visit so regularly- of bleached out drift wood and brisk ocean breezes.

       Incidentally this year of making that I have embarked on has become bigger than anything I could have ever imagined. Each purchasing decision I am faced with has become an internal wrestling match of want vs need- and can I make this item and would it be even better. This increased awareness in my consumerism was my initial intention- little did I know how it would effect every aspect of my life. So as I continue along in this slow- slow year of making I am filled with gratitude for all the makers in the world- all the artisans who create goods with love and slow intention.