Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thrifted Thursday: Vintage Quilt

         So naturally my love of textiles extends to vintage textiles- I love to think of an item having a life long before me and potentially long after me. When I came across this sweet little quilt a few weeks ago in a shop I fell in love- with the colours and hand stitching- even the worn spots- this quilt has travelled. I behaved though- I held off- I walked out of the vintage store that day with no quilt in my hands- my rule is if something is still there when I next return then it is meant to be. I went about my business with this beautiful quilt tugging at the corner of my imagination- it would be perfect for my girl- the perfect size for her vintage 1950's bed- plus the colours called out her name.

       I walked around with the thought of this perfectly imperfect little vintage quilt for quite a few weeks- put off mainly by the cost but also the thought that I might find something else. I think I knew in my heart of hearts I wouldn't find anything more perfect and I made my way back to the vintage shop with fingers crossed that my little red quilt would still be there- and of course it was because it was meant to be.

             This quilt is perfect for a girl about to turn six years old- the perfect combination of whimsy and colour- scraps of fabric from the 1940's and 50's combine together in a Dresden Plate pattern on a well worn white background. What I love is the equal amounts of hand and machine stitching- I imagine this quilt was sewn when home machines were starting to become more sophisticated as there is a fancy machine embroidered edge.

        I will admit that this vintage score was tough to give over to my eager girl- she loved it as soon as she laid eyes on it- this really is the perfect quilt for her. In a world of pink this quilt embodies everything I strive for in my girl's life- it's different and special just like her.

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