Friday, July 31, 2015

Life Lately

               The summer is flying by so fast- I can't believe we have found ourselves at the end of July already! Life lately for this kid has been so full of growth- mentally and physically- this kid is embarking on a whole new exciting world of boyhood. Boys I have decided are weird and stinky- living up completely to their reputation- they eat a lot and are never full. This kid is learning to cook- eggs, smoothies and most recently waffles- at least one day he will be able to feed himself! This kid is all of the male stereotypes with a dash of my baby boy still thrown in- he is so willing to please- offering to help at the most unlikely of times- just when it's needed most.

             This kid is also growing and changing so much- the social butterfly- always talking about an ever changing cast of characters that flow through her life. Stories of cats who do Zoomba and naughty boys at camp- this kid needs to tell all the stories. This kid is turning six in a few short weeks- where the time went I don't know but I am loving getting to know her a little more each day. This kid is already so complicated- something we have known from the start. This kid claims she is one hundred years old just really short for her age.

           Life lately is all about growth for our entire family- we are still adjusting to life with me at work full time and how that changes our summer days. We all appreciate our time together that much more than we did before- making our days together special, quieter and much more relaxed. Life lately for me has been a lot about letting go- of perfection or the myth of it anyways- making due with store bought pizzas and cookies. Life for me has become about making things easy on myself- for us all really because who the heck wants to stand in the kitchen when there are snuggles to be had!


  1. Sharilyn, it looks like this will be a summer to remember! Lots of summer activities in this very summer-y weather! I see you are wearing your lovely white dress from one of your posts.

    Ahhh, Dottie Angel frock. I was thinking of you when I was sewing the pattern. I thought it might be very "you". I still need to make some adjustments to the fit for me, and also finding a softer fabric. I hope you find that pattern across the border! I hear Jo-Ann or Hobby Lobby has Simplicity patterns.

    Happy Long Weekend!

    1. It will most definitely be a summer to remember!

      When we were in the states I looked for the Dottie Angel frock to no avail- I have friends scouring the Eastern Joannes for me! haha!


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