Friday, July 17, 2015

Hiking: Bridal Falls

         On our recent visit out to Harrison Hot Springs we decided to make a pit stop to stretch our legs on our way back into the city. We pulled over to explore a spot that we have driven by probably about a dozen or more times per year for the past 13 years- Bridal Falls. The falls are awe inspiring from the highway so I was excited to see them up close for the first time.

          Although this is a very well worn and maintained path it is pretty much straight up hill- so little legs can make it but apparently many diversions and rests are called for! Luckily there are many easy access spots down to the creek prime for rock throwing and pretend fishing- the icy cold mountain water refreshing on a hot July day.

         Pausing to play beneath this wonder of our province it is easy to forget we are just off the highway- the crowds dropping away- nothing but the booming waterfalls echoing in your ears. With in minutes of entering the forest traffic nightmares are forgotten- the air changes- hushed and sacred. Studies show that even a few minutes of nature each day lessens stress in adults as well as children- a necessity for all walks of people these days.

        The Fraser Valley is on our route home to the Okanagan and usually we are in such a hurry to get home to our family- this is the point in the highway where the city traffic starts to fall away and we can make up for lost time. It was such a treat to explore this part of B.C.- pausing to enjoy the sights we take for granted- stopping where we never have time to.

      Friends it is Friday once again- time to get out there and enjoy all that this beautiful planet has to offer- may the sun be on your shoulders or in your heart- Happy Friday!


  1. I love Bridal Falls, good memories of going there when I was a kid. :) As a side note, I have the same Birks as you! So comfy. And my nails are even painted a similar colour!

    1. It really is a wonderful place isn't it?


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