Friday, July 3, 2015

Life Lately

       Life has been moving pretty fast these days of late- so much of our time is spent in motion- running, walking, scooting, swimming. I always have really big plans for everything I am going to do over the summer- such a brief flirtation with light makes these days so precious that I feel like I need to fill those days wisely. What actually ends up happening is quite the opposite- much of our time is spent seeking out cool places by the shore or poolside- which is exactly where the past week has found us!

         Life lately has seen this wee boy of mine becoming more of a "man"- I'm not quite ready to give him up to the world of men as yet but there are brief glimmers when I see the man he is to be peaking through. He is showing an independence I have not seen- walking ahead of the family- eager to get where we are going. The fact curator is in full swing this summer- spouting interesting bits of knowledge that he certainly did not learn from us- showing us where his interests lie. Much like everyone else on earth this boy is wanting validation of his emotions- asking that we at least listen to why he is angry or sad or happy- all of the feelings are happening and they all need to be talked about.

       Life lately has seen this wee girly of mine in new summer sandals- a physical representation of just how much she is growing- her arms and legs stretching and becoming lanky- strong with all the running and swimming. I can see impressions of her friends and classmates where none existed a year ago- sometimes I recognize a funny voice or laugh of another little friend. This one is wise beyond her years- telling us fantastical stories as long as we are willing to listen- so many questions to be answered about life, God and how the world works.

    As I said life is moving pretty fast- I hear Ferris Bueller daily mocking me to look up or I'm going to miss something. I love the family we are becoming- this Golden Age of my children- who aside form constant squabbling are pretty amazing little people. I'm not really afraid of missing anything- I'm not afraid of time unwinding so quickly I can barely breath- I know that these are the days that my children will remember- that will form them and all I need to do is be there- with them for them- to let life happen.

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  1. Sharilyn, a lovely, lovely post! I have enjoyed your various posts of late, so much going on! It's amazing to see your little peeps growing up! What an amazing summer we are having. This will surely imprint on their memories.

    Thanks for vote re CaliFaye. I will get the Basics dress as I need something cool like that to wear right now!

    Have fun!


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