Thursday, July 2, 2015

Year of Making: Nordic Wind Shawl

           I may be a little late to the Cabin Four Nordic Wind Shawl Party but I sure am glad I joined! Lately I have been really struggling to complete my sweater- I have just gotten super bogged down in all the tedious rows that go into making such a large garment. I needed a really easy win- a quick and satisfying knit that I could be wearing with in the week. Yes I realize how ironic it is that I am having a crisis of knitting during a heat wave but it is what it is!

         I decided to knit the Nordic Wind Shawl in the exact colour way that was suggested in the pattern- I plan on making another more colourful version but for my first shawl I wanted something subdued that would go with my wardrobe for everyday wear. This shawl is reminiscent of the colours and textures of my life- the sand and rocks of the shores we visit so regularly- of bleached out drift wood and brisk ocean breezes.

       Incidentally this year of making that I have embarked on has become bigger than anything I could have ever imagined. Each purchasing decision I am faced with has become an internal wrestling match of want vs need- and can I make this item and would it be even better. This increased awareness in my consumerism was my initial intention- little did I know how it would effect every aspect of my life. So as I continue along in this slow- slow year of making I am filled with gratitude for all the makers in the world- all the artisans who create goods with love and slow intention.

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