Friday, June 17, 2016

It's Friday!

          Friends it is Friday again- time to kick back .... and pack more boxes! Yes that seems to be the theme of our days! Often when I glance at the calendar I get a gross sinking feeling- so many tasks to be checked off that giant to do list that comes with moving. For the most part our family has been pulling together to take care of the more mundane tasks such as laundry and packing during the week so we can still have our weekends a bit free. There are still so many things we wish to do here on the Coast before moving at the end of July- we have created a bucket list of sorts.

        I am hoping to post here all of our favorite spots in and around Vancouver to visit- you can also follow our summer adventures over on Instagram. I may or may not have started a hash tag #thingsiwillmissaboutvancouver which is pretty much everything friend and food related! So stay tuned for weekly updates on our Summer 2016 bucket list- maybe it will spur you on to create your own family bucket list for the coming months!

       As mentioned it is Friday- aside from packing boxes I hope to have a few quiet moments with my coffee while I start a new knitting project- it's a secret for now- details will be forthcoming! So here's to two entire days of coffee, knitting and adventuring! Happy Friday Friends! xox

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