Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Year of Knitting: Farmhouse Shawl

          I seem to really be into knitting shawls this year with this - the Farmhouse Shawl from Cabin Four- being my fourth (and most favorite) shawl of the year! This is the most snugly shawl- practically a blanket- perfect for curling up on early mornings with. While I saw knitting this pattern I kept imagining myself grabbing this off the hook at my - imagined- back door and heading out into my - imaged- back yard. Curling up in my- very real and favorite- outdoor chair and sipping on a mug of coffee. The vision was so real I could practically feel the cool Autumn air on my cheeks.

        Before we found a place to live this shawl kept my vision firm- we would find a house- it would happen. Knitting this shawl kept me focused and grounded through the weeks where we didn't know what our future would look like. Knit with gorgeous Hinterland Range yarn from Vancouver Island in Snow this yarn is as local as it gets for us. Working with Hinterland yarns is a dream- as soon as I started I could feel the love that had gone into making such a beautiful product.

      The pattern it's self was so quick and easy- one to surely make again. I truly enjoyed the process. I will admit to feeling a bit like Stevie Nicks with the fringe and I will likely wear my Farmhouse to the Vancouver Folk Festival- yes even in July it can get chilly on the water!

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