Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Year of Knitting: The Vera Tee

         With all the travelling between the Okanagan that we have been doing these past few months I have traded in my sewing machine for the knitting needles- knitting being the more portable of projects to pack for the weekend. Not only am I still making and creating in a very tangible way but the very act of knitting keeps me sane- I am by far a patient person- possibly the worst traveller ever and so the knitting keeps me busy.

        When I came across the Vera Tee from Mackenzie Sasser I knew that my girl needed one- or possibly more- of these sweet little tees- the very perfect layering layer! Initially I thought the Vera Tee would be great in the fall under her jean jacket or layered up when it gets frosty- to be honest I am afraid my children are going to freeze in the Okanagan! After this weekend though my girl wore her Vera tee almost everywhere- it turns out this knit is great for warm weather as well as layering!

      I knit this little sweater up in a week- yes the time spent in the car stuck in traffic helped but this pattern was so simple and a pleasure to knit up. I used two skeins of Malabrigo yarn in #035 Frank Ochre- this mustard shade is a favourite of both my Girl and I! The Vera Tee is knit inside out- once the shoulders are seemed up you flip the whole thing about before picking up the collar and tacking down the roll sleeves.

      As I mentioned I am slightly worried my West Coast kids are going to freeze this fall and winter- a real winter in Kelowna is slightly different than what we are used to! I will definitely be knitting a few more Vera Tees up to have on hand for when things get chilly!

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