Friday, January 15, 2016

On Kindess

          Lately there has been lots of talk about setting intention for the year ahead- resolutions if you will. I am not overly a fan of resolutions as they always add to the laundry list of things I have to do. I do however like the idea of choosing a theme or setting the tone for the new year by choosing a word that fits my desires and wishes. This is a resolution I can get behind because it's more of a general guideline than a guilt inducing over lord!

       So in the spirit of love I have chosen the word KINDNESS to represent 2016. As a parent I go on and on about the importance of kindness to my children- kindness underlies every choice we make regarding our actions towards other people. What if I took my own advice and turned that kindness back on myself?

      Think about it- what if I chose to treat myself the same way I treat my children? What if I make myself be kind to not only the people around me but to myself? Set a bed time and enforced it. Feed myself healthy whole foods. Cut out sugar except for the occasional treat. Let myself out to play every once in a while.

     This idea of self love might be radicle but I really think it essential! In today's society there seems to be this insane expectation on the women in general- we are preconditioned to put everyone else's needs before our own. This needs to change- we need to start loving on ourselves because quite frankly no one else is going to.

     So to elabourate in 2016 I promise to do more of all the stuff I love- hang out under trees in the park with my family- collect sea shells on the beach- explore new places. I promise to let myself out to play as much as I possibly can- I don't know why I ever stopped! I will run- I will climb- I will stop sitting at my desk for lunch!

    In 2016 I promise to stop binge watching Net Flicks- no matter how funny Jerry Seinfeld it is not condusive to my overall health and mental well being to stay up way too late watching "just one more" show! I am going to be firm with myself and put myself to be at a reasonable time- just as I do my own kids. I love to sleep I don't know why I don't sleep more!

    This year I am going to look at food in a different light. If 2015 was the all day every day treat party then this year I will show some restraint and treat myself to health. I promise to visit the juice truck more than the bakery across the street!I will look at full fat lattes as the beautiful works of art that they are instead of chugging multipul low fat versions just to stay awake! I will still enjoy an almond croisant- dripping with butter and crisp with deliciousness- at the farmers market on Saturdays!

    I think obviously my looming birthday has something to do with this kindness fest- I have a very round birthday headed my way in exactly a month. And while I am perfectly content with what I have accomplished and where I have traveled I am beginning to notice my body is looking more and more like my Grandmothers every day.  While my brain thinks I'm still 18 my body knows the truth.

    Birthday's aside I think this mantra of KINDNESS is one we can all benefit from- a sliver of restraint- and a whole cupful of love. I have no shame in loving myself- I want my kids to see it- I want them to love themselves first! So 2016 I'm looking at you- prepare for all the kindness- love and unicorns!

   Friends it is Friday- January can be a real drag so find something you love to do and do it this weekend- be kind to yourselves! If you need me I will be hitting the trails with my main squeeze on a kid- free Sunday day date! Happiness and Sunshine always- Happy Friday Friends!

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