Wednesday, January 20, 2016


        So here's a thing- I'm running again- I know insert eye roll and cue the whining! But in all seriousness I am actually running and finally beginning to like it! I know I have been down this path before- I've bought the runners, bought the great work out gear and then proceeded to sit on the couch. So what makes this time so very different than before?

     I think for me working a full time job has really put a priority on me finding some balance in my life. It's one thing to be spiritually balanced- have the work/ family thing down but somewhere in the middle something suffers. And quite frankly since moving into my new job that "something" happens to be my jean size.

    A big part of this has to do with my sister- she is my inspiration. My sister runs- a lot- she's so athletic and always has been. Now no offence to my sister but we both have the same genetic predisposition to laziness- we like to nap a lot. So I thought to myself if she can do it so can I- again no offence but it's true!

    It's so funny to me that two people can come from the exact same place- the same home- yet have two totally different life truths. My sister has always been "The Athletic One" and I have always been "The Creative One"- also known as "The Reader". These labels have been what has always stopped me short of carrying through with any sort of fitness goals. I have always been afraid that I would fail and prove everyone right- that in fact I am not "The Athletic One". The same goes for my sister- she doesn't like making things and she is "not a reader".

    So in my year of KINDNESS I am allowing myself the chance to try- I might fail again- but at least I am going to try. I literally have nothing to lose except for this large bottom. These days I have no time- like zero time- for labels and bullshit- these days all I am seeing is the pavement under my sneakers as I run past the bakery and the tacos. Running still sucks- but each day it sucks a little worse!



  1. DUDE! I know this struggle well. SO very well. I listen to books on tape, it soothes me more than music, and makes me happy. Plus with music I just anticipate the next 3 minutes and on and on, but with books sometimes I just loose myself and it's really lovely. And the sibling thing? You've seen mine, with his 8 pack and 0% body fat. So not fair. YAY for being a runner.

    1. It's so funny but I really like to run in quiet- well not quiet- listening to the city around me- Im running on my lunch breaks and its like for 40 minutes a day I am totally unplugged- no one can reach me because I don't even take my phone- it's pretty great!


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