Friday, October 4, 2013

Simple Family Friday

Ditch The Disposibles

         I know, I know- some times paper towels are so easy to have on hand and I get that those cute packages of paper napkins from Ikea are just so inexpensive and well- cute! But consider for a moment how much time, effort and money is wasted thinking about and stocking those items in your home pantry- not to even mention the environmental impact of all that single use paper. Today's Simple Family Friday Tip is to think outside the single use paper box and consider ditching the disposables!

       Many folks are super resistant to using cloth napkins- all that extra laundry to consider- because you know napkins take up so much room in the laundry hamper which is all ready over flowing anyways! I'm not sure if it is hygiene thing or is our society is just used to using paper napkins and paper towels that the alternatives are considered extravagant like bringing out the "good china". Once- not too many years ago there was a time where cloth napkins could be seen at every table- people actually sat at a table and dined- dinner was an experience not just a meal and food was heartily given thanks for.

     Those days disappeared when a marketing department started convincing us all that this wonderful quilted four ply paper was cleaner than our fabric tea towels, that it was such an inconvenience to use fabric napkins when you could just throw these paper ones away after each use. Yes a marketing department told us this was modern and hygienic and all the upwardly mobile family's were doing it- so the cloth napkins went back in the china cabinet along with the good china- only to come out at the Holidays.

          I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that not only are fabric napkins and tea towels easier to use they make life more pleasant! Fabric- if washed regularly, in hot water does not harbour germs- we don't throw away our underwear after each wear do we? If hung too dry in the bright sunshine there is no need for bleach or heavy cleaning agents- or even ironing! By making the switch to fabric napkins we save money- we rarely even hit that isle at the grocery store there for saving time- and most importantly we keep paper out of the landfill.

        My suggestion for you this weekend is to visit Ikea or any of your favourite stores where you would normally buy disposable paper products- I bet you will find cloth tea towels and fabric napkins! Pick a set up and try them out- set the table and hearken back to a day when people dined- or sit on the couch and eat pizza- doesn't matter just give fabric a try!

       I am so happy it is Friday again! The sun is actually shining- the world is beautiful- life is full of blessings and coffee! I hope you- my Friends- find love in your heart and sunshine on your face this weekend- Happy Friday!


  1. I have a lovely set of scrinchables cloth napkins and we use them at every meal. I pack them in lunch boxes and they get tossed in whatever load of laundry is going. We still use paper towels for icky things like raw chicken, but our consumption has gone way down.
    When there are new babies in my house, I use cloth wipes and cloth diapers too.
    And something amusing, we live in a neighbourhood full of old people, since this neighbourhood was built in 1976, and there are still many of the original owners who are empty nesters. And yet they all have GIANT garbage cans, and I see the lids askew every week from being stuffed so full. Heck even my neighbour tells us we can stuff more garbage into his bin because we have such a small one. But the jokes on him. We do have a smaller bin, and we rarely fill it, and I have 2 children. Good times being a hippy in CA.

    1. That's awesome Dee! I really notice a difference in how much waste we dispose of- even the amount we recycle has dramatically decreased!

  2. Love this! I have always known you to use cloth napkins and I've admired it! I just started to use a handkerchief and I can't tell you how many times I've been bugged or just stared at - too funny.

  3. I have always known and admired you for using cloth napkins! I just recently started using a handkerchief and you wouldn't believe the looks I get.. plus the ribbing from friends.. heh

    1. It's funny isn't it? What used to be so common is now considered eccentric!


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