Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Small Sewing: Gardenia Dress

          This weekend was so beautiful and sunny that I could not help but be inspired to do a tiny bit of Spring sewing. Truth be told we are headed south soon- back to California- sqeee- and we all need a few new things to pack in our suitcases. So with the fates colliding- sunshine and imminent travel- I dipped into my fabric stash for this precious yard of Liberty print fabric from last summer's travel's to Portland.

       This is one of my favourite patterns for my girl right now- the Gardenia Dress from Cali Faye Collection. I have sewed two of these full length dresses for Miss Lo and while they are well loved I thought I would change the pattern up a little. With only a yard of fabric we ended up with this wee flowey top- perfect to pair with shorts or jeans or even another skirt in warmer weather. What I love about Cali Faye patterns is they are so simple while remaining interesting and beautifully designed- sophisticated and fun!

         With every little scrap of fabric I send through the machine both my girl and I come one step closer to a fully home made wardrobe- totally unique- totally her! Most days sewing with Miss Lo is really sewing for Miss Lo- we start by picking out fabric together, we often place and cut out the pattern together but at a certain point in the early stages of the garment coming together she usually loses interest and pulls out the pen and papers. This kid is growing at an astonishing rate and I think her new top is just perfect for a six and a half year old- slightly sassy- super creative- just like my girl!



  1. That is such a lovely dress. I have been eyeing the adult version of the pattern. Your girl looks so adorable.

    1. Thank you Melissa! I have also been considering the adult version- it is really cute. I have sewed 2 of the full dresses for Lola and it is just such an easy pattern! Plus pockets!

  2. That is so cute!
    Love Lo's drawing. -Tannis


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