Monday, January 18, 2016

On Our Bookshelf: The Specific Ocean

               Every once in a while during the long wet, grey days of January we Vancouverites catch a break- a few much needed rays of sun and a pause in the rain! Obviously one must take full advantage of these gifts and head outside to do a bit of reading. One of our favourite books all about the Pacific Ocean is a book by the title of The Specific Ocean- a touching story of a family trip to the sea shore. Illustrations by Katty Maurey and words by Kye Maclear.

          As with all the books that make my list the illustrations in The Specific Ocean are beautiful- sensitively executed to accompany a rather esoteric moral. We relate to this story on so many levels- as Coastal People we love everything about the sea and often wish to possess it for our own- collecting small bots and pieces to bring into our home.

         I think for us this book is relatable on so many levels- the kids love the family portrayed as there is an older brother and a younger sister. They enjoy the light sarcasm and all the imaginative elements. As a parent I love that this is a story all about trying new things and respecting the environment- win win in my books!

P.S. if you get a chance check out Kye Maclear's blog- lots of inspiration as well as the story behind the story!

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