Friday, January 4, 2013

A Confession of Sorts

     Over the holidays I had a few good talks with my dad- during one of those chats we started to talk about the negative backlash ( that I am seeing more and more on social media) towards crafters, Pinterest and "Supermom". It is just so strange that when I started this space all I ever wanted to do was  to have a forum to post what I was making and to encourage others to try new things or to push themselves further. It was never intended as a place to brag.

    Here is my confession- I am human- I have faults and am the first to admit to great gaps in my understanding- which is why I am always looking to learn more. My kids are noisy, messy and fight- often- they also watch TV- shocking! There are things I am not good at- you should see my sink piled high with dishes- ask my university room mates- this is not a new thing! I have projects that don't turn out and I get frustrated and mad at time and money wasted- then I set those things aside and move forward or more accurately drink a large glass of wine.

    My dad's advice was to show people some "bloopers" to prove that I am not perfect- but I thought why should I have to prove anything- this is my space! Of course I can only speak for myself but being creative is not an option it is something I must do- it is an itch that needs to be scratched. The negativity I am seeing on social media these days towards creative people like myself saddens me- I know not everyone can sit around and craft with their children- people need to work and being creative is my work.

      I desperately want to live on a farm in the country- I love to read blogs of people who are living that dream and I applaud them- and tuck away scraps of knowledge to be applied to my tiny deck garden.  Should I ever be put in a farming environment I believe it would be a disaster- for starters I am terrified of cows and hard work- but yet I dream.  I'm not hating on those farmers or those decorators or even those financial guru websites- I know we are all good at something - we don't need to be good at everything.

    So for the record I am not a Stepford wife or Martha Stewart - I don't wash the dishes, I am quick to anger and quicker to forgive, I own too many pairs of shoes, I use too much aluminum foil and sometimes don't recycle it, I drink too much wine,  do we even need to mention my spelling, my kids sometimes have snotty noses, I will read an entire book in an afternoon and ignore everything else, I usually hem jeans too short, I can't cross stitch, I can't drive- I have no idea what I am doing with my life but I am loving every second of it!

Happy Friday Friends- I love you- yes even the haters cause I know you don't really hate!


  1. I think- often it is more important to create than to clean. This is evidenced by the state of my house. It is the people that to it all that you have to worry about. Craft on my friend, and I'll raise my glass with you- after 4:00. :) Unless we are camping.

  2. Wow! I didn't know there were people that hated on crafters. What a shame that we cant appreciate each other for our different talents. And don't worry when your kids are a bit older like mine, they can do the dishes for you! It really is a good deal. :) keep on crafting my dear friend. The world is better for it.

  3. You know what - this was a courageous post. I think that the "haters" come from a place of insecurity. There have always been creative and hard-working people out there, including talented multi-tasking mamas, but never before have we had the social media available to share the ideas and the results of this kind of work. There are people out there, reading blogs and wishing they could push themselves to do more, to do differently, to do what others are doing . . . and maybe they are not realizing that they themselves have strengths and gifts in other areas. I am an avid blog-reader, and I must admit there are times when I have had to take a break from certain blogs, because "the green-eyed monster" was getting to me - the blogger's life seemed far better and far more perfect than my own, and I couldn't see how I could ever achieve what that person was doing. However, you have pointed out something so key: the blog is about this person's area of strength and passion - why shouldn't they be proud of it and want to share it for feedback and dialogue with others? This is not bragging. And if I have an area of strength and passion, and I want to share it with others, then I should do so, too. As you note, why should we criticize someone for sharing what they love? When we are secure enough in ourselves, and know our own strengths, then we don't need to criticize others. Great blog topic, Sharilyn - one I will remember!

  4. Friends - I have thought long & hard about how to respond to your comments- all I can come up with is Thank You! I love that the overall response to this post was one of positivity and solidarity! I know good people!


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