Friday, February 20, 2015

Intention- Also Known As A Post About More Knitting

             Whenever I knit something for someone else I always find the process in fact turns out to be more of a meditation on the relationship- I fill each hand knit piece full of intention and blessings before sending it out into the world. I have not knit many things for other people- mostly hats for my own kiddos- a few baby hats for cousins here and there- knitting for little ones is so fast and easy- it is never very difficult to fill those wee garments full of love and sunshine.

            Knitting for adults is another story- these pieces are larger and take longer- giving me more time to meditate over them as I rip out stitches or pick them pack up- figure out new  processes- and think about my relationship with the end recipient. Enter into the picture the slouchy hat I have been working on for friend Erin- this was a really fun knit- I actually learned a lot for this project- for example how to shape a crown properly on a hat!

           It is only natural that this hat is filled with pieces of our friendship- not just a hat to keep one's head warm- but a hat pre filled with wonderful memories. So to share a bit of that here with you- this hat is filled with many trips to the beach- muddy forest walks-green Hunter boots on city sidewalks- ice cream affogatos and Spring- the promise of Spring and warmer days. Not shown are more lattes than you can shake a stick at-  they definitely played an important role in the making of this hat!

P.S. Sadly after almost 5 years my green Hunter boots have been permanently retired- I am still struggling to decide between black and navy!

P.S.S- because I know my mom will ask- an affogato is ice cream and espresso- because we needed another reason to drink more coffee and eat more ice cream!

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