Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Brighter Days

           These past few days our fair city has been experiencing Spring- unseasonably warm weather combined with clear skies has people sporting sandals and sun dresses- yes it's just that warm- fingers crossed this weather sticks around. The cherry blossoms are popping out like nobody's business- a tree at the school is bursting- it looks like it's covered in snow- days like yesterday make the high cost of living so worth while! My cheeks are tight with the first blush of a sun burn- my hair still smells like the ocean and my soul is full to the brim with sunshine- enough to carry me through the rainy season which is surely just around the corner.

           Our family has some really big changes happening this month- I am switching from part time work to a more full time position- still with the same company- but for now weekdays. While having our weekends free will be nice our mornings will sure to be a struggle with dear old Dad at the helm- I fully anticipate library books will be forgotten and pony tails might be askew but we will make it through. In any case exciting things are happening- I can barely wait to get started!

           Looking back at this time last year we have come so far- our little family is growing in leaps and bounds- this feels like the right time to take the leap for myself. For the first time in a very long time I am thinking mostly of myself- what I want to do- not what I have to do. My kids are becoming more independent - they are definitely not the babies they were a year ago. I feel I can move forward through my days with a calm mind- knowing they are content- now is the time. I feel with the return of the sun so to returns a slice of my own independence- as a family we grow- together but separately- side by side.

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