Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Year Of Making

            There is a lot of activity happening around our coffee table these days- from projects made by little hands to Momma getting a few minutes to knit and draw during the day. I have so many works in progress right now- my sweater is about a quarter of the way finished- it's in a few pieces- it's very slow going- tiny needles- I might be wearing this sweater next fall at this rate. So every once in a while a break is needed- this week in the form of a soft hat for a friend. Cast on in lush yarn from Tanis Fiber in pretty Dove colourway- its coming together fairy quickly- mindless knitting in the round is just what I need right now!

          Of course I have a few sewing projects on the go- all in various states of progress- none at all nearing completion- of course I'm already looking around for my next pattern I want to start! There are just so many things I want to make! Meanwhile I am also busily filling my sketchbook- this morning a sweet snowshoe hare happened- drawn directly from the pages of one of my birthday gifts- this wonderful vintage book on Canadian Mammals.

          The sunshine is streaming through our windows this morning- I'm starting to think about clothes for warm weather - light and fresh pieces for my kiddos. This has been an unseasonably mild winter for Vancouver- I'm hoping it isn't a false Spring- I'm hoping that we just gently move on into March with this ridiculous weather! So today Im going to set up my sewing machine in the sunshine- finish a wee little dress for my girl- something inspired by all the daffodils and cherry blossoms that are sweeping the city.


  1. you and your DPN! hard core! I learned a magic loop just to avoid them!

  2. lol- I do love my DPNs! Although I am not a huge fan of metal but they happened to be what I had on hand in the size I needed- I prefer wood

  3. PS- its hilarious that you called me hardcore in a post about knitting and drawing bunnies! xox


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