Monday, September 8, 2014

Day Dreaming on Bowen Island

         Sometimes I have to pinch myself and ask is it really possible that we live in such a beautiful place? My love affair with our beautiful province knows no bounds and so chances are if the weather is fine our family can be found adventuring outside- after twelve years life on the coast still amazes me. It's only natural that with our extended summer break the Littles and I are adventuring- further afield on our own than ever before- including but not limited to day trips to some of our favourite spots. Last week we hopped a bus downtown Vancouver and were quickly deposited at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal- we were Bowen Island Bound.

          For my kids education does not need to be complicated- we find learning in even the most mundane of exercises and adventures- a ride of the ferry for example quickly turns into a conversation about tides, weather and whales. The boy is fascinated with how the ferry works and what all the ship hands are doing- where the captain is sitting and why all the ropes! Miss Lo gets excited being on whale duty- they know if we spot one on this short trip it would be nothing short of extra special. It's little things that I may take for granted like a short ferry ride that get the kids excited and learning- get them thinking and asking questions.

           Once we land at our favourite little town Snug Cove we quickly hustle over to the candy store- Bowen Island boasts the worlds smallest candy shop- a tiny little nook which unfortunately was closed mid week. Up to the Co-op we go for lunch supplies as well as to check out the candy situation- which P.S. does not disappoint! Supplies in hand we headed to one of our favourite short trails in Crippen Park- I feel so comfortable hiking on my own with the kids here as there are no bears or cougars on the island.

        Turning our feet back towards the water we head to our favourite sandy little beach- complete with hidden tire swing- we meet up with another little friend for lunch and play time. Plenty to entertain and engage the kids on this short strip of beach- everything from catching crabs in the shallows to collecting shells for our shell chart. Our day could not be more bucolic as we sit there- the Littles playing and the Mommas chatting- commiserating on the lack of public school and learning more about the fantastic home school network on the island- looking into options and laying plans for the future.

        Once our play time winds down we head back towards town and over to the infamous pie shop down on the wharf- chocolate banana cream pie is obviously called for- the perfect way to wrap up such an excellent day! Down on the wharf a few changes have taken place- most noticeably Shika Provisions- a yummy little sushi and gift shop- it's the obvious spot to play a game of hopscotch while we wait for our boat- lingering as long as we can.

         Bowen Island is officially my happy place- I feel relaxed- it feels like home- small town B.C.- just the way Peachland used to be. Given the chance I would move here in a heart beat- open my studio and call it a life. Until the day comes that my pay check matches up with my dreams lots of visits are called for- island living is for me and I can't wait to head back!

P.S. if we ever move to Bowen we could have chickens!!!


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    1. yes- yes you do! It is close enough to commute into the city- we are leaning more towards moving here than Gibsons now! Just saying- land- homeschooling- nice climate- a pie shop- has everything a girl could possibly want!

      although no fabric/ wool shop!


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