Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to The Basics

          This summer I will admit there has not been a tonne of making things from scratch being written about here in this space- I've written a bunch about all of our hiking adventures- a few cake recipes- and some discussion of knitting! Going forward into the fall I want to jump back into making things again and of course writing about them. A few changes are coming to this space- a new look- a new direction- more of a studio journal- with lots of family fun thrown in for good measure.

        As my babes grow and their interests change I have relays struggled in my role as art facilitator- they are so confident in their art making that they rarely need me these days- helping themselves to supplies and going about their business. I miss our days of crafting around the table together but I love watching their drawings and sculptures come to life- their imaginations are wild and fantastic.

       So going forward into fall I'm starting to think about myself again- my own art practices and all that I love. I'm looking forward to starting some paintings again- with my kiddos at their own easels by my side- I'm thinking of working on a series with them- excited to jump into that. More screen printing and textile work is in the plans- excited to start some experiments with hand painting gauze fabric. Wednesday studio updates will most definitely be back- new things being posted soon in the Etsy shop!

     Friends it is Friday again- this week has been so strange for us- we should have been celebrating the end of our first week of Grade 1 and Kindergarten respectively but instead we are still on "summer vacation". The labour dispute in our Province has divided loyalties- friends and families butting heads- the education strike has extended well beyond the boardroom and nerves are beginning to fray. My hope is that things get settled but in my heart I know we are in for a long fall- our kids out of school- missing what is a fundamental right- an education. While we have been dipping our toes into the homeschool pool my heart is still sad- my children had the choice to go to school or home school- they chose to experience school and now that has been ripped away. My wish for the weekend is peace for all those heavy hearts out there- much love Friends and Happy Friday!

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