Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Studio Update

           This summer has been a bit crazy- I've found it really difficult to carve out time to work in the studio- and to be perfectly honest I haven't wanted to- I so enjoyed spending my hours adventuring with my Littles- I have no regrets! In spite of all the fun times a few things have managed to come out of the studio and made their way into the Plain Jane Etsy Shop- lots of custom orders which was fantastic! It's tricky this whole work/ live balance and as I have said before I tend to look at it as less of balance and more of a dance- finding my rhythm and moving to Mother Nature's tune.

           These little swing tops have been super popular this summer- easy to wear for any little gal on the go- in fun colours and fabrics- each top is unique. Initially I designed this pattern in celebration for back to school- the days of September are still warm but the Littles need something on their shoulders- perfect for the playground. School or no school my gal has been wearing hers a tonne- I have a few more going up into the Plain Jane Etsy shop today.

          This fall Plain Jane is looking a little different- I have really narrowed down what I enjoy making and have fun with- great fabrics- natural dyes- little things for some of my favourite small beings. I'm so happy with how things are unfolding in the studio these days- feeling refreshed by the changing season- feeling like nesting in our home. Although school is still not back in I feel like fall is the start of the new year- fresh and crisp- new beginnings!


  1. I'm going to try leaving a comment again. I had troubles before...

    Nice to find another Vancouver - crafty based blog! Love those cute little dresses!

    1. Hi Melissa- I quite love what you are doing over on your blog as well! Thanks for stopping by!


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