Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Peachland Farmer's Market Missive

        I can't believe after all of the Farmer's Market Missives that I have posted here over the past few years I have yet to write about the Sunday market in Peachland. Located at Heritage Park right in the heart of the downtown core the Sunday market really attracts the crowds- locals and visitors alike gather between 10:00 and 2:00 to enjoy music, local foods and crafts on the shores of Okanagan Lake. While the market tends to run a bit heavy on the jewellery and a bit light on the fresh produce- there are plenty of bakers and makers to provide local, yummy treats.

       Of course being the Okanagan apple product abound in the form of juice and apple chips- fresh apples are not to be seen for another few months. Strawberries and Cherries are the fruits of choice in season right now- Peaches also being a few weeks off. Unlike the markets in Vancouver "organic" is not posted at every vendor stall you come across- only one certified organic vendor was in attendance and their prices were really reasonable- I wonder why everyone isn't buying their kale and lettuce at the Peachland Market!

       The Farmers Market in Peachland really only got going after I moved to Vancouver- I have to say that it's pretty impressive to see this kind of gathering- a bit of a tourist draw along the lines of the markets on Saltspring or Pender Islands. Still amongst the tourists it was fun to see familiar old faces from my days of working at the marina- which is right next door to the market.

         It's so nice to see this hustle and bustle in the downtown core of this little town I am proud to be from- off the highway and down by the lake is a handful of little gems- including the market. Often people- ourselves included- whizz right by these turn offs never knowing what lays beyond the highway exit. I would definitely recommend the Peachland Farmer's Market on Sundays as a fun little outing- grab a coffee before hand as there is no coffee cart on site- and wander the waterfront walkway!

P.S.- Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians near and afar- today we will be hitting the beach again- Peachland puts on a stellar parade be sure tomorrow's post will be full of parade related pictures!

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