Monday, June 30, 2014

Away We Go

          This morning I am waking up once again in my old bed room in my parent's basement- it is so familiar- something I have done for almost twenty five years in this house. We are in the Okanagan for our annual family vacation - this trip is special in that we are here for over two weeks- and the Mr. is with us! As a family this is our first long Summer vacation together and we are loving every moment of it thus far.

       I have a hefty bucket list of fun things to tackle these next couple of weeks- most definitely lots of time spent at the lake in the sunshine- but also some quiet alone time laying in the shade and dreaming- lots of space for dreaming- and planning- imagining. Quiet time with space is something as a Mother and individual- need and crave- something that living in our small space I rarely get. I do my best planning out of projects when I have moments of quiet- otherwise these ideas just float about in the back of my mind- often getting crowed out by everyday things.

     So I am taking advantage of all this time we have- time as a family and time to myself. Looking forward to seeing so many dear old friends and of course seeing the cousins more than we possibly can imagine! When all is said and done these connections to our loved ones and to the land we love is really all we have- it's all that is really important- and these next two weeks are a bit like winning the lottery for me. And although love alone may not pay the bills it surely pays something even greater and for that I am ever so grateful!

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