Friday, July 4, 2014

Endless Summer

         We are wrapping up our first week of vacation in the Okanagan- so far it's exactly what a vacation should be- lots of play time- loads of beach time! This week has been the kind of week I grew up having- when a kid headed outside at 7:30 in the morning and didn't come back in until after dark- roaming the yard and swimming in the cool waters of Okanagan Lake. Our city kids have already declared they don't want to go home! They are eating cherries from the trees and carrots from the garden- running barefoot and feral as children should in the summer.

        We celebrated Canada Day in great style with a day at the beach- surrounded by folks we have known forever- ladies who have known me since I was Miss Lo's age- kids I grew up with- now our own children are the ones hopping in and out of the lake- needing endless snacks and drinks while the Mums and Dads relax in lawn chairs- feet dangling in the water. The highlight of the day was an hour long parade- the Littles collected more candy than at Halloween! As evening fell we all retired "up the hill" to my parents house- kids ran wild- a small fire erupted on the BBQ- memories were made.

        The week has flown by so fast- it's difficult to reconcile all we have witnessed- including our sweet niece's wedding in her parent's back yard- such love and happiness. We have said "see yah later" to Peachland and are in the North of the Valley at Omi's house in Vernon- more swimming and lots of World Cup action! I think what makes this trip so different is the pace we are setting ourselves- no hurry to see everyone and do everything all at once. We still have a week left to go- more adventures- new beaches and of course more Farmer's Markets!

    Dear Friends it is Friday- the week- it turns out- goes just as fast when a person is vacationing than when they are at home facing the daily grind! With only nine more days to go we are going to keep it slow and savour as much of our time here as possible- this weekend I'm sure will hold more visits with friends- babies- puppies- all that good stuff! Happy Friday Friends!

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