Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Focus On : Artist Brandy Masch

      Today I have the pleasure of bringing you yet another of my favourite artist- Brandy Masch- illustrator- imaginer- and all round great gal. Raised in small town British Columbia it was through the determination and encouragement of her high school art teacher that Brandy is where she is today. After high school Brandy made her way to the big city of Vancouver where she graduated with her BFA from Emily Carr- her dream alma matter. Having come full circle back to Kelowna Brandy stands out as an excellent example of fresh and exciting art coming out of an often times traditional town.

What is your favourite medium to work in?

I paint primarily in acrylic guache, fluid acrylics, inks and watercolour on paper and wood panel. But I mostly prefer acrylic guache which I am in love with because of it's intense opaque matte colour. From time to time I do incorporate other mediums for effect into my work, like crackle, patinas and rust on paper and collage.

What would you say your "style" of work is?

I would classify my style of painting as being Eco Surrealist.

Your work is obviously visual storytelling- can you tell me a bit about where you gather inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from our life around me, ecosystems and issues on biodiversity, urban development and it's impact on the environment, plus my imagination. I am very interested in pop surreal low brow art and street art.

 This past year has proved to be huge in terms of your career moving forward- what do you see in store for yourself next?

I see myself working towards having more shows, and filling my requirements to apply for artist grants, entering competitions, submitting my illustrative work to magazines and one day illustrating a children's book or some sort.

Often times achieving artistic success in a smaller centre can be difficult- does anyone stand out to you as having helped you along the way? 

In grade 11 I had a wonderful young teacher by the name of Miss Philpot who was fresh out of teaching school herself. She is the reason I decided to pursue the arts and make it my career. She signed me up (without me knowing) for an award (which I won) a bursary (which I won) and community art show (which was written about in the local paper). 

Also I would like to mention that I have been very lucky through out my university years to have such wonderful support and encouragement to pursue my dreams! My Auntie Christine, my amazing friends and university professors- all pushed me and helped to promote me. My #1 fan- my husband and his wonderful family have all been amazing in supporting me through out the years.

Brandy's work can be found at Mayberry Fine Arts in Toronto as well her prints can be found locally at Bird on a Wire in Vancouver on Main Street. Kelowna fans keep your eyes peeled as Brandy's work will soon be available there as well. You can always check out Brandy's website and purchase through her directly as well.

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