Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Here We Stay

          May Long weekend is traditionally the start of Summer here in B.C. and to go along with the start of our warmest season it usually rains. So after a number of years getting rained out camping we decided to stick close to home this weekend and have a mini Staycation. It was a weekend of being lazy and eating tonnes of yummy, local- fresh food. Lots of coffee and lots of time spent outdoors- even though the for cast called for rain we all got a tiny bit sunburnt as the weather turned out to be pretty good!

        One of the things I love about living in Vancouver is how possible it is to be car free- we really have only had a car for the past three years- before that it was all walking, public transit and car coop for us- having a car is a luxury. For the most part of our weekend we ditched the car and headed out by foot- we bussed over to the Trout Lake Farmers Market for a taste of the season on Saturday. Being on foot means experiencing the city in a way that you never could from a car- we walked the length of Commercial Drive- enjoying being a part of the neighbourhood for an afternoon.

        Sunday found us with an impromptu picnic lined up- this time we hopped in the car and headed over to the Kitsilano Farmers Market- all markets all weekend! Time spent catching up with dear cousin Laura and her wee family in the sunshine on blankets covered with market treats was the best way to spend the day. There is something magical that happens when the sunshine comes out in earnest for the start of Summer- people start to slow down- families take over green spaces and the city comes alive.

         Sitting here on Monday morning with the patio doors wide open it's comforting to hear the familiar sounds of the city waking up- sea gulls and yes even the traffic. Sometimes I think there is no comfort or relaxation to be found in the city-sometimes being here is tied to everyday life- which can be exhausting. But this weekend was a very different type of weekend- nothing special to do- no where amazing to go- just simple- easy and relaxing- in the city.

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  1. Our May long is this coming weekend and we made the choice last night to stay home. I am so excited, we have nothing planned. YAY!


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