Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Blueberry Season

         It's blueberry season- rejoice and celebrate peasants!  This is one of our favourite times of year and I often feel a bit like a squirrel as I scramble to freeze bags of these delicious berries for the coming months. This past weekend the University of British Columbia Farm opened up their no spray fields to the public for U-pick- of course we were among some of the first there when the fields opened! The day was hot- as in very hot- and so the fields were only open until noon- we picked quickly and efficiently- although that was almost unnecessary as the berries practically fell into our buckets!

         As much as I enjoy buying my produce at the Farmer's Market there is just something so special  about being out in the field and gathering berries to tuck away for grey winter days. Of course several were sampled along the way and we all agreed that these are some of the best berries we have ever tasted!

        With our buckets and hats full we headed back to the car to drop off our bounty- then onto the UBC's own Farmer's Market we headed. This market is not at all very big but clearly the locals know- as the stalls were crowded- baskets in hand.

        Pretty much all veg that one could need for the week is to be found here- along with seeds and flowers- wood fired pizza and sugary treats. We stocked up on some tasty lettuce, cucumber, carrots and radishes- all grown at the UBC farm.

         This season of abundance is short so I feel pressed to get in as much as humanly possible- the perfect weather, the berries the produce. Like the sunshine I am soaking these days in- stocking it away for those grey, rainy days of November when the clouds press in. I hear folks complaining about the weather- I can't be bothered- it's hot but for such a short time. Make hey while the sun shines is what Pa* used to say!

* Pa- from Little House on the Prairies- not my own Pa who in fact prefers to be called Dad

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