Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Away We Go

           This past weekend was so full of fun and activity that by the time our bonus day- Monday- hit we were all ready for a little quiet time- so we do what our family does and headed out into nature. Seeking out a spot of peace- to listen for the birds calling and the waves gently lapping at the rocks- this is how we regroup- this is how we relax. With the van fully loaded with snacks from the UBC Farm we headed up the Sea To Sky in search of solitude- which as it turns out on the long weekend is easier said than done.

         After a few failed attempts at local parks- which were already packed to the gills with no parking available- we headed up the coast a bit further to a place we love so - Porteau Cove. One of our favourite spots to camp Porteau Cove is only a short drive from Vancouver- it never fails to surprise me how only a half an hour out of the city lies this beautiful spot surrounded by mountains- warm shallow water perfect at high tide for swimming with the Littles.

         The clever wind was blowing warm and soft across the inlet- peaceful and clean- blowing the city off our shoulders. We had every intention of going for a hike this day but the water invited us to stay- linger and enjoy- so the hike did't happen but plenty of exploring and swimming did. The beach was quite crowded as apparently many others had the same idea- so we sought out a quite- shady nook and tucked in.

          Sitting here on a muggy Monday morning in the city Porteau Cove and yesterday seems about a million miles away- my shoulders are relaxed and I still have salt water in my hair- I know it wasn't a dream.  The August long weekend is always a little bitter sweet for me- half way through summer and heading towards back to school- if I blink September will be here. Summer please go on and on and on!

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