Monday, May 26, 2014

Here We Stay

        More and more I find myself having to chose between time spent here- writing in this space- and creating- the actual act of making things that satisfies my soul- and that I can actually sell! It may be that this wee family is not so wee anymore- we are all growing in leaps and bounds- this means more time is being spent away from the house- soccer- swimming- beach time with friends- call it what you will but we are just plain busy these days. So when an opportunity to get some actual work done arrives on my doorstep I grab on and get busy in the studio- which is just what I did this weekend.

      On Saturday morning we woke to grey skies- the Littles voiced their choice to snuggle inside and watch movies- throw in some free time with the art supplies and they were content. With my family occupied I settled in to work on a project near and dear to my heart- for several months now friends and customers have been asking when I will expand my line of clothing- the same basic but cute style that I use on my children's clothes but for the Mommas. I am so pleased to report that the first of these sweet little slip dresses rolled off the line this weekend- soon to be available for pre order!

P.S.- we also went for ice cream and the first local strawberries of the season!

         Still buoyed up by the studio time from Saturday I jumped right back in on Sunday morning- starting up a fresh indigo vat out on the deck. Indigo is so magical- starting off yellow green and the changing to deep blue as the air oxidizes the pigments- a little witchy and all sorts of surprising! Into the vat several bits and pieces that will soon find their way as finished products to my Etsy shop!

    I find with the Internet bringing so much of the world right into our home it is so easy for me to get overwhelmed with inspiration- bogged down in the planning process if you will. Really nothing beats time spent getting my hands dirty in the studio- mucking about- making mistakes and working through it. Sometimes I just need to put my head down and ignore what is going on in the world a little bit- dig deep to find the focus and just get work done.  

   Sitting here this morning I am feeling rushed- both Littles are home and rearing to head out on today's adventure- the teacher's strike is giving us a bonus day for a family field trip. I want to capture and express the feeling of my weekend- it isn't very often that I get to dig in and work- not for them- my darling family- but for myself- unleashing my creativity. As I said earlier I'm buoyed up and excited about what took place over the weekend- excited to come home this afternoon and get back at it!

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