Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Feeling Grateful

        In Canada Thanksgiving is right around the corner- as in this weekend! I will go out on a limb and say that Thanksgiving is my most favourite holiday- the gathering of everyone I love with none of the expectations, stress or snow that accompanies Christmas. Combine the upcoming holiday with the influence of Rachel from Lusa Organics and you will find me currently filled with gratitude for life and living. Rachel often blogs about all that she is grateful for- choosing or seeking out seven things to list- finding seven things to be grateful for really puts all one's problems into perspective!

      Today I am Thankful For:

- the opportunity to quietly read alone in bed after the Littles were all snuggled up in bed last night- that doesn't happen often- I had to focus on my book as I kept thinking of a million things I could be doing

- the rain that did not arrive until after school pick up yesterday- The Boy went on his first field trip to the pumpkin patch and the weather was perfect- sunny and crisp- they played out in the field, had a picnic and visited the animals- each lugging home a sizable prize to carve in a few weeks

- a most delicious and gluten free meal that was cooked last night- this venture into less gluten (I'm not saying we are gluten free because- well- sometimes croissant call my name) is educational and a bit hit and miss- I am so happy the Littles like to eat mashed cauliflower- they are in fact willing to try anything at least once- I am grateful for good eaters

- tea tree oil- and an online community of veteran Mothers guiding my way through the public school lice situation- we do not have lice and I would like to keep it that way- therefor tea tree oil is our scent of choice right now

- awesome friends convincing me to sign up for a yoga class- and getting a great deal on said yoga class! I have been doing yoga in my own home for a few years- and with the exception of a few classes with my Mom at Peachland Community Centre I have always felt too intimidated to go to a real class- turns out I can hold my own

- my rekindled interest in embroidery- I love screen printing but my work was feeling a little lack luster of late- rediscovering the quiet work of embroidery has renewed my love of drawing and sewing- I am feeling excited about my work again

- finally I am grateful to be heading home this weekend- to sit around a bonfire with cousins and family- I love the week leading up to such a trip- it is always filled with excitement and anticipation! I can't wait to see my Great Niece and give her a snuggle- I can't wait to help my Mom and sister make dinner- it's going to be a good weekend

What are you grateful for today?

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