Monday, October 7, 2013

The Best Bits Of Fall

       Change was most definitely in the air this weekend- the sunshine carried with it an sense of urgency to get outside and enjoy it while you could- cause that sunshine- it wasn't sticking around too much longer. The air was soft and warm and there was a clever little wind taking with it the last whisper of Summer. The colour is what the most obvious marker of change- the trees starting to turn- our city finally changing from green to reds, oranges and yellows- Fall has most definitely arrived.

         In between massive amounts of work for both the Mr. and I we managed to catch a few of those last rays- Saturday on Granville Island and Sunday in our neighbourhood. This was a weekend of catching up- on housework, baking and actual paid work we were all very busy. The Littles enjoyed the relaxing and the "doing nothing"- building a fort in their room and playing Legos until we ventured outside. I think they needed some time "doing nothing" after such a fantastic and busy Summer- according to The Boy he misses his toys while he is at school- so they needed just such a weekend.

      Venture outside was a must- yesterday was too spectacular to miss- and I'm ever so glad we did because we woke this morning to a typical Vancouver morning- rain- low skies. I'm already missing the feeling of the sunshine on my cheeks- drinking coffee in the harbour- listening to the Littles throwing rocks- dogs barking- leaves rattling in the wind. This morning is a different type of perfect Fall day- the sort where you bundle up inside and drink endless cups of tea while doing puzzles with your four year old- yeah it's that sort of day!

         It seems as though yesterday was our last hoorah at Summer- last kick at the can- our carefree outdoor living days have drawn to an end. I'm finally OK with that- I'm Ok with settling into our routine and rain gear- I'm OK with baking bread on a Sunday morning instead of running out to a Farmer's Market. It's time to settle in for the long dark days of Fall- snuggled up in wool- waiting for the Solstice to hearken back the longer days- I'm Ok with that. Fall is a time of rest and we are all ready to rest.

P.S. yesterday was my Mom's birthday and apparently I am a terrible daughter- I thought of her numerous times through out the day but for some reason thought today was October 6- yup I did not call my own Mom on her birthday- what a jerk! So Happy Birthday Mom- I will call you later this morning! XOX

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