Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Shop Update: Plus More Dreams

           I am still marinating on the amazing responses to yesterday's blog post- either here, on Facebook or in real life- I have been having some amazing conversations on the topic of following your dreams! The response I have received was phenomenal - I guess it really touched a nerve with a lot of people. I think the best bit to come out of my confession (of sorts) is knowing I am not alone- and by speaking out others know they are not alone either. Often working alone in the studio can be very isolating- not a great deal of feed back- certainly not a large community for support- so moments like this are very special.

          I think it needs to be mentioned that although I am going for my dreams I am a self sabotager- in the past I have achieved a certain amount of success before I just shut down and stop- I become afraid to take the next step- so many negative thoughts get in the way. What if I can't keep coming up with great products? What if people get bored with what I am doing? It all boils down to an insecurity in myself that I won't be able to keep fooling people- the fact that I think I am fooling people is self sabotaging in itself. I am sending those negative thoughts packing- they are not welcome at my door- only positive friendly thoughts may enter here.

      With that said I am excited to announce (for those of you not followers on Facebook- Mom) that Plain Jane Designs is going to take a chance again out on the winter craft sale circuit- first up is the fantastic Fall Into Craft sale at the Cloverdale Agriplex- September 14 & 15. This is going to be a fantastic sale with over 200 vendors! I am going to be featuring some new products as well as loads of old favourites- lots of linen zipper pouches as well as stacks of cards- good for any occasion!

         Thank you to everyone who piped in with either kind words or "me toos" yesterday- artists as a bunch are such a solitary group- it is good to touch base with one another. I think that it is an important conversation to have- the fact that many of us are living "outside of the box" (whatever that means) and choosing to define success in a less than conventional manner needs to be talked about.  Thank You everyone for your feedback- I love this conversation and we should try and keep it going!

"Your dream doesn't have an expiration date- take a deep breath and try again"

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