Tuesday, August 20, 2013


         Recently there has been quite a bit of chat surrounding the topic of following your dreams- it seems everywhere I turn folks are speaking from the heart about following their bliss, being authentic to their spirit and best of all doing what they love- all this boils down to the same thing- following dreams. As children we are encouraged to believe in magic- somewhere along the way life gets in the way- bills pile up and the magic of living can disappear. 

         Over the past year I have had some pretty big life changes happen- I haven't written about them here as this is the space for all the is fun and pretty in my life- it took me awhile to understand that although these changes were painful they were positive- for me. Just over a year ago I quit my job of almost ten years- I needed to be home with my kids- they needed me- when I left I only worked weekends but still saying good by to that safe place was difficult- so much of my identity was wrapped up in that place.

          But financially I was still safe because I was doing day care from home during the week- I was caring for a family that were close friends and their Little became a part of our family. I continued to do this until just a few months ago- I made the decision to head back to work full time- day care was procured for Miss Lo- I was going to pay bills off- I had a plan. The only problem with the best laid plans is that sometimes they don't fit. The Mr. and I had long conversations revolving around putting our baby girl into day care- she seemed to little still.

        Ultimately we decided that staying home for one more year with our youngest was more important than getting a few bills paid off a year faster- I am staying home. I have a year- I have a year to be with my gal and follow my dreams- I have a year to make Plain Jane Designs work. I have so many dreams and plans it is hard to quantify them all- difficult to catch and pin down- even more difficult to realize. Sometimes the fates aline and a chance to follow your dreams is offered- I have that chance to work for myself- doing what I love- I am catching onto that chance and following my dream!

  P.S. thank you Alex for the pep talk last night- you are my inspiration- xox


  1. Love how honest you are with yourself, and with us, your readers! When I read your post wondering if people were following their dreams, I had to ask myself, "Do I even know what my dreams are?" And sadly, the answer is "Not yet". I think though your path has not been easy in terms of carving out space and time to do what you want to do (be a great parent and wife, and create beautiful things) and need to do (pay off bills), you are on your way because you know what your dreams are. They are not going anywhere. And though the bills might get paid off a little slower, you never know what success you will find this year with a little more time to devote to Plain Jane - who knows, you might get to be your own boss full-time in future! Hoping for continued good things for you, Sharilyn!

    1. Krista- I think the beauty of man's free will is that regardless of age or life situation we can create a dream- I really struggled for a long time to focus my dreams on what I really want out of this life- it's pretty simple- to live in the mountains and make a living from my art- it only took me 37(ahem) years to figure that out! So your dream- your inspirational moment could happen at any time! It's a lot like falling in love- it could happen any time!

      And thank you for your kind words- it mean so much that you come here to this space & engage with what I write!


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