Thursday, August 22, 2013

Late August

         I can feel the summer slipping away- it is already somehow late August- I am trying my best not to look ahead to the cooler days that I should be preparing for- they are surely right around the corner. I am trying to stay present- enjoy our last few days of freedom before school starts and my boy goes off to Kindergarten. With that in mind we have been treating every day like a holiday and living as much of our life outdoors as possible.

      Yesterday we headed over to Robson Park- one of our favourite city parks year round- especially good in the summer! In many of the local parks all summer we discovered so much goodness- crafts, snacks, spray parks, wading pools and free bikes and toys- all put on by the city of Vancouver. We have thoroughly been enjoying these free programs- the wading pools have been voted as most favourite by The Littles!

        Sadly all this goodness comes to an end tomorrow- Friday August 23- so get out there and enjoy the last two days of crafts in the park! Today is also hot dog Thursday at Robson Park- every Thursday the staff BBQ hot dogs and sell them for like a dollar- how much more summery can you get?!

       As I mentioned we love Robson Park year round- located at Kingsway and 13th - huge chestnut trees dominate the landscape- providing lots of excitement in the fall when the prickly bundles start to drop. Really great play equipment for Littles of all ages- swings, soccer field and community gardens- this park is great for a romp year round!

       I'm not going to lie- my boy is heading off to school full time in a couple of weeks- I am a hot mess even thinking about it- I will be an even hotter mess the day it actually happens!  We still have a week and a half with my sweet first born at home and we are going to make the most of it! I think today we will hit another spray park- or maybe get ice cream- regardless of adventure we will be soaking it all in- enjoying the last few days of August!

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