Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In The Garden :Garlic

     My parents have the most amazing garden or perhaps they have the greenest of thumbs- whatever they plant here in Peachland seems to grow to epic proportions! These past few days we have been enjoying the spoils from the garden- cucumbers, beans, kale and now giant heads of garlic. This garlic really puts the stuff I have grown to shame- it is the biggest garlic I have ever seen! Most definitely to be enjoyed in a variety of ways-  but mostly with cheese.

       The Boy has been his Poppa's shadow since we got here- super involved in all the construction happening next door and now following Poppa into the garden to harvest the end of that giant garlic. Our family loves garlic- it is sort of hoarded a bit like treasure at our house because once it's gone- it's gone! There are many months in between growing season and even the Farmer's Market often runs out mid Spring.

        The benefits of this garden are two fold- not only do we enjoy healthy and "free" fruits and vegetables but my Littles are strengthening their bond with their Grandparents and the earth. These city kids know exactly where their food is coming from- how tomatoes are pollinated, how to dig up garlic and potatoes and who makes honey. They know the feeling of good earth between their fingers and how to turn the hose on someone unsuspecting at a moments notice! This is something that can't be bought in a grocery store- this is a learned connection.

" I believe that every child in this world needs to have a relationship with the land... to know how to nourish themselves...and how to connect with the community around them"
Alice Waters    


  1. I've learned recently that most granulated garlic we get here (maybe Canada too) is imported from Canada, so it's good to grow it! (although I live less than an hour from Gilroy which is the garlic capital of the world.) Oh and yes, amazing garden! Do they have a giant compost heap they amend their garden with every year? Mine is doing well, but it's still going on the compost that came with the soil, I suspect after this crop I'll have to amend mine. Gardening is such fun!

    1. currently there is a bit of a bear problem in the neighbourhood- it is on going- so no compost pile this summer- sadly! Gardening is so much fun- I can't wait till the day I have an actual yard and not just containers!


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