Monday, July 22, 2013

Home: Peachland

        I am home- sitting on my parent's deck- above is my morning view as I sit beside my Mom sipping my latte and listening to Miss Lo chat it up with her Grandma. We couldn't ask for a more glorious day- the sky is cloudless- just what the Okanagan is famous for! The sky, the lake and the hills variegated blues.

         We are taking things easy- just chilling out and heading to the beach yet again- we have been in the lake every day since we got here! The water is perfect- so warm and clean- it hasn't changed at all. I remember as a kid going to the beach and playing until dinner time- unaware of the passing of time- snacking on cherries and Pringles chips- not wanting to ever come out of the water. This scenario was replayed all weekend- Miss Lo said " Oh Momma I don't ever want to leave!"

        My brain is in vacation mode this morning- which is just what I need- to sit on the back deck and drink coffee with my Mom- nothing to do and no where to go- except the beach with cousins! Simple summer fun in the Okanagan.

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