Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Evolution of A Tote Bag

       Some days when I get into the groove in the studio- and by studio I mean kitchen table- things just start to click and magic happens! Recently I have really gotten into making my own patterns- the play of colour against background- particularly natural linen- sigh I love it! There is something so different and satisfying when it comes to printing on different materials other than card stock- taking some of my favourite card prints and seeing them in a new light as they come to life on a real three dimensional object- like a tote bag!

       I tend to get lost in a bit of a feverish pitch as the patterns start to reveal themselves to me- positive and negative spaces emerging from a previously bare piece of fabric. I gotta say I love repetition- during my photography days I scouted pattern out- natural or man made the repetition was what I looked for.

      Now back to the fabric and screen printing- the other day in the studio it was pure magic happening- I printed two large pieces of linen with screen printing and I block printed a third- each piece of fabric was big enough to be sewn into something useful- like a tote bag! * Side note- if printing  pieces of fabric a great way to dry them is to hang them up on pants hangers in the shower- this way the fabric does not fold over on it's self and smudge your print! *

     Once my fabric was dry and heat set with a very hot iron I stepped back and just enjoyed the moment- this fabric is one of a kind and not to be spotted any where else- I imagine even if I try to reproduce it again things wont be the same. This Spring I am super inspired by bold colourways- very preppy considering some of my previous prints- grounded though with the honest natural linen back drop.

      Perhaps I am a tad biased but my favourite piece was the block printed fabric- I loved the rustic variations in the print from medallion to medallion. This fabric was destined to be paired with a set of lovely leather purse handles from Merchant and Mills of England! sewed up into a handy little tote this bag is perfect for heading out to a coffee shop with a magazine for a few quiet hours- yes I like to visualize and give life to the items I make! 

     This little tote is just the first in a series I have coming down the production line- currently it is listed for sale in my Etsy shop. I think I will have a tough time letting go of this one as I would love to keep it for myself but it is for sale! Hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek into my studio- AKA kitchen table- as I take an item from start to finish

   Thanks to the Mr. for snapping this shot of me yesterday in the glorious sunshine- now just imagine cute sandals instead of clunky rain boots!

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