Monday, March 18, 2013


      Oh my- where on earth did this weekend go? It just sped by in the blink of an eye! This weekend we had some of our favourite people in town- my sister and her family- so obviously good fun was had by all- lots of giggles from Littles and their cousins as well as the big people- it was like one really long party- so fun! Friday evening my sister and I actually went out for a few glasses of wine ( from a bottle not box) and chatted for several hours- on. our. own- amazing and much needed!

 We all went our separate ways and did our own thing Saturday morning- meeting up once again in the afternoon for some family time. Both our kiddos could not wait to see their cousins- whom they had not played with since Christmas- thats a very long time in a kids life. So the Littles ran and screamed, wrestled and tickled, jumped on beds and played every game in the closet- did I mention it was raining? The men folk went out to buy beer and mysteriously were gone for several hours- turns out they went on a brewery tour of the new Powell Street Brewery- sneaky guys!

     We woke up Sunday with a sink full of dirty dishes from our most excellent dinner and sunshine- so after we met the cousins for breakfast and sent them on their way back over the mountains we headed out to Steveston- obviously to get some fresh seafood! Steveston as many local readers will know is perched on the edge of British Columbia- just minutes outside Vancouver- once a vibrant fishing village now it caters more to the tourist trade- but the docks at Steveston are still the place to go for fresh sea food!

     So we went for a little wander on the docks- checking things out like these amazing looking sea urchins, prawns and weird looking fish! Miss Lo kept insisting on peering over the edge of the docks into the murky river below and they did not so much care for the looks of the rock cod!

    Now I am not normally one of those bloggers who take pictures of their food and write about it- however as we sat out on the patio in the weak March sunshine- all bundled up in coats and scarves still I could not help but take a picture of our table! Steveston is such a cute little town- yes it is also quite famous  right now- as the backdrop for the tv show Once Upon A Time- and it does indeed look like something out of a storybook!

    Sitting here on Monday morning- looking back at the images of our weekend I am filled with gratitude- for family, sunshine, fun times and yes a bit of thrifting as well! I know I always talk about how much I love our weekends- but it's true! We always have so much fun as a family- all four of us together in the sun by the sea!

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