Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Breaking

        Happy Spring! We have had two halfway decent days of weather- and by halfway I mean one was outstandingly sunny but freezing cold and the other was over cast but not raining! Well the rain arrived last night- along with the wind- pounding sideways into our windows and waking us up at odd hours of the night- even if March did not come in like a lion Spring certainly made it's arrival spectacular!

      Of course we took full advantage of the non- rainy- halfway decent weather over the past few days- it is Spring Break for The Boy and so some sort of adventures were called for! First up on Monday morning was Crab Park over near the Port of Vancouver- not your most glamorous or easy to reach park but a little hidden gem in Vancouver's cap! It has a great playground that our Littles love to climb- as I nervously hover and try not to over react- as well as a beach perfect for digging and throwing rocks.

       Of course we have been sprinkling the fun park times liberally with treats- mainly as bribes as we are completely on foot this week- the goal is no stroller for Miss Lo. I have mixed feelings about this as she is my baby and I am not sure I am ready to sell the stroller- but at almost 3 feet tall she looks pretty ridiculous sitting in it! So we are starting out with small- close to home jaunts that are easily walkable for her- or in an emergency I can carry her home. So far so good- this kiddo just needs some running shes and she is ready to hit the pavement!

       Tuesday we headed over to the little park just by Science World- this is another of our favourites although I don't know the name of it! Located right at the tip of False Creek  on the Sea Wall this little park is very popular with preschools and with in minutes we were over run with tiny children. Still it was a nice walk through the neighbourhood- noticing what is new- checking out the progress of Soul Food- the giant urban farm set up in the parking lot across from Rodger's Arena.

       Spring is here- no trumpets and fan fair just lots of wind and rain- which continue still this morning- we are headed to an indoor activity today- Science World with a group of our friends- The Boy has been counting down the days! This afternoon we might have a small Springish project to get us into the swing of things to come out on the deck- yes we are going to plant some seeds to start indoors- seems like the thing to do in celebration of this new season- Spring we are happy to see you!

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