Thursday, January 31, 2013

Searching for Signs...of Spring

       On our walk through the neighbourhood today the Littles and I chatted about the changing of seasons once again- fresh in their minds is Fall and how all the leaves turned colour and fell to the ground. This is the first year that they grasp the concept of the trees resting or hibernating all winter and then starting to grow again in warmer weather. They understand this happens as well with plants- planting the garden last summer at Momo and Poppa's house really gave them a solid representation of what was happening.

     These wee animals of mine- for that is what they are little creatures of the forest still- wild and unsullied (sort of) by the world of adults- they are still very much in tune with their physical surroundings and they are aware that the days are getting a tiny bit longer minute by minute and day by day. They sense the earth starting to warm again and if you look hard enough you will see some sure signs of Spring! Nothing conventionally pretty yet- just a lot of tiny branches turning red with sap starting to flow again, tiny Daffodils buds and Crocuses pushing through in warm areas right down by the ocean. It's hard to believe when you are under four feet of snow reading this but at the very edge of our country the thaw is starting- city block by city block!

    At any rate we were searching for signs of elusive Spring- still many weeks away officially- and surely these cheery Daffs were transplanted by some gardener's hand but we could certainly feel the change coming in the air! The thing about Spring on the coast is that unlike it's much more showy predecessor Fall- it is a much more mono chromatic season- really a season of grey to start. We felt we needed to inject a bit of colour into a day that while not at all Spring- felt like it aught to be- and please note we are still bundled in winter coats it's cold!

      A few bundles of smart orange tulips came home with us to brighten our kitchen table- a little instant colour to make us all smile- a very small luxury in exchange for some peace of mind. For the Littles we felt a stop at the candy shop was in order and the colour there surely did not disappoint- really when doesn't a little treat make everyone's day a little brighter?

      For this Momma a new magazine- oh Martha- you know how to do Valentine's Day up right! Lots of fresh ideas and as always great photography- plus I'm loving the cookies on the cover- we have a few birthdays coming up this month that these might be perfect for!

     So Fall, Winter, Spring- it doesn't really matter what the weather is like outside- it is whats inside that counts- the colour of the glasses that you are peering out at the world through- clearly today mine are rose or hot pink coloured!

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