Friday, February 1, 2013

Vancouver is Awesome!

       This has been an week of epic proportions- we are all getting a bit restless and wish we could be outside all the time again- which is tough to understand for a Little that the park is wet or the beach is really cold. So we felt we were in need of some adventure and set off into our city to find some- a little staycation mid week and mid winter to chase the blues away.

       Wednesday dawned overcast but with a tiny sliver of sunshine peaking through so it was decided that this was to be the adventure day! There are SO many awesome activities to do in Vancouver that it is a snap to play tourist in your own town- the issue lies in the amounts of other tourists during the sunnier days of the year- on an overcast January day the massive crowds and line ups just do not exist.

    I will admit that I have a personal aversion to crowds- possibly thanks to a bundle of years spent working on Granville Island- tourist season is not my favourite so I feel that January is the perfect time of year to visit more popular tourist attractions. Plus what a perfect way to get outside and have some fun on a gloomy day?

     After picking up The Boy from school on Wednesday afternoon we headed down to the False Creek Ferry dock- that's the little blue tub boats that one sees at any given time of year plying the waters of False Creek from Science World out to the Maritime Museum at Vanier Park. We hopped on at the Aquatic Centre and took the half hour cruise up False Creek to the Olympic Village- this would have been adventure enough for these kiddos but we didn't stop there!

      Business in the Olympic Village is still fairly new- as everyone in Vancouver knows the site sat fairly empty for over a year before life began to filter in and businesses opened up. One of our favourite spots to visit is the new Terra Breads. This has become a busy hub for Seawall walkers and joggers as well as families who venture over after activities at the community centre. We hit it just right meeting our friends after the lunch crowd had dispersed and there was plenty of room to park two strollers and seat three active toddlers while the Mommas had a visit. I might mention as well the pizza was delicious!

       After pizza and coffee we headed out to work some of those sillies off the Littles at a near by park- which was great until someone had to use the washroom. Luckily Science World is close at hand and we happen to have memberships- of course once in Science World there was no way we were going back out again! We spent the next few hours with the kids roaming about, playing and getting their faces painted. This is one of the best places to come on a rainy day in Vancouver- I do not exaggerate when I say hours can be spent in the kids play area.

     Thursday it was decided we would head out on another adventure- this time the  Vancouver Aquarium- we had patiently waited out the crowds all summer to see the penguin exhibit and now was the time to go- we got to see those little guys up close! As usual the Aquarium did not disappoint- our favourites were the jelly fish- amazing, octopus- startling and the teaching tidal pools-tactile.

      We don't go to the Aquarium often as it can be a tad pricey however kids under 3 are free which is nice and if you pack a lunch and plenty of snacks this can be a relatively affordable treat. I was really surprised by all the upgrades the Aquarium is doing- lots of renovations and new fish tanks- sad to see the kids play area is gone but glad to see that an extended tented eating area has been added. Also if you hit it just right there is free face painting down in the Canadian Arctic exhibit- which these Littles were super stoked about- imagine getting your face painted two days in a row!

       I think I would consider this week to be like a mini spring break- a bit of adventure around our own city to break up a very long month of rain. I will admit that while I do love the slow pace of our life and the security of our routine that even this Momma likes to liven things up a bit- the Littles get bored and sometimes so do I. We are lucky to live in such an accessible city where an adventure is only a bus or ferry ride away! Vancouver is Awesome!

      Friends it is Friday again! We are heading out on another adventure yet again today- there is a rumour of sun and if our local meteorologist knows whats good for him it better pan out- thats right Madryga I'm looking at you! Whatever your plans for the weekend entail I hope at some point you will go for a frolic outside - regardless of the weather- unless you live in Saskatoon- my friend Greg says it's really cold there right now- so if you live there stay inside!

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