Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Secret Crush

     I was recently on Pinterest- I pin and often- feel free to follow me- perhaps I pin too often- I have a lot of Pins! Anyways I pinned some sweet little decorative Valentine's Day medals and thought these would be a quick and easy gift to whip up for our dear little friends! Of course I needed to add my own spin on the project using vintage and recycled ribbons as well as doing a bit of decorative hand stitching around the edges- you know I had to make it mine!

    This project could not be easier and even if you do not sew but have a hot glue gun you could make this! All you need to do is get some lovely colours of felt- oh and there are just so many to chose from it can be tricky some times- we love everything about this 100% wool felt and working with it is a dream!
Cut out your shapes- you can do anything you like - these would be super cute with initials in the middle for a soon to be five year old boy- sorry I digress. Cut out your shapes and either hand sew or hot glue them together- add the ribbon tail on the back again either sew or hot glue and finish it off with a wee pin backing- found in the jewelry area at any craft store. Now how easy and cute is that?

   I admit I started off making them just for the Littles and our friends but as per usual I got carried away and spent the better portion of my evening making a whole bunch of these lovelies! I am offering them up on my  Plain Jane Facebook page for a modest $6 a piece- they come backed on a sturdy folding card with matching envelope- all they need is a stamp before they get mailed to your secret crush!

I think these little medals are just the injection of colour we need to see walking down the street at us these grey days of January- and Valentines is conveniently right around the corner! I love the vintage notions combined with the tactile wool felt and decorative stitches- do not be surprised if you catch me sporting several of these in the weeks leading up to the pinkest day in the year!

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