Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Seam Allowance

     I recently stumbled across a really great blog called A Verb For Keeping Warm- more than just a blog it is actually a bricks and mortar shop located in Oakland California - it seems to be equal parts fabric- knitting shop and classroom. A fabulous concept! An offshoot of Verb is a project called      Seam Allowance- as I started reading this sort of side blog I became more and more excited. Kirstine Vejar- author of said blog was putting into words what I have been feeling for months and years now!

   The general concept of Seam Allowance is to make from scratch 25% of clothing worn on a daily basis- 1out of 4 pieces of clothing made by hand- your own hands! The idea isn't just about making clothes- it's a different way to approach our wardrobes, how we consume. The movement to take back our food supply is hot right now- why not  a movement to reclaim our clothing? Even the cheapest item of clothing hanging in your closet has been touched by more than one person on it's way to the racks- who are those people- how much money do they make to allow you to wear a $20 t-shirt that will only get tossed out when you grow bored?

    This post is not intended to be me up on my soap box preaching about consumerism- I love stuff- new stuff as much as the next guy. What I am talking about is thinking about where all that stuff comes from, if we really need it and if maybe- similarly to growing a garden- some of that stuff can be made at home. I find that since staring to make my own clothes my impulse buying has decreased dramatically- home sewn clothing takes patience and the end result has more satisfaction than a 5 minute credit card transaction!

    The concept of the Seam Allowance project really has me excited and inspired! Although I can't participate and be a full on member- they have meetings once a month- I will participate in spirit. I pledge to wear one thing that I make a day. I pledge to sew more for my family, including the boy folk!   This blog of mine is supposed to be about me and my Mr. crafting higher standards in our family from scratch- I think that it is time that our outside reflect our insides!

p.s. It is really easy to sew for girls- Miss Lo has quite the wardrobe of Momma mades- the boy though its a little tougher- it is going to be a challenge for me to find easy to wear quality patterns for boys and men. Even more challenging for me will be to carve out some time to sew things for myself!

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