Monday, October 1, 2012

Hitting Our Stride

      September has come and gone and today it is officially October- it is only now after a few weeks with our new schedule that I feel we are finally hitting our stride. I think I have mentioned it briefly that The Boy started pre-school at the beginning of September- he was elated- I was terrified. I was worried that this first child of mine who is so much more than most kids- so much energy, so much enthusiasm, so much more to handle- would be lost with out me. I feel that for the most part I act as a buffer between him and the rest of the world- he is so curious and needs to be in constant motion. Much to my relief school has been good for him- he loves his teachers and is learning that the rules we have at home are more general guidelines for existing in the world- he is hitting his stride.

   What of Miss Lo? She was a little lost without big brother around to play and wrestle with- but she too is adapting to the change. The time when The Boy is at school Miss Lo now gets to have some much needed one on one time with Momma- this second child of mine and I are getting to know each other better and differently. Miss Lo has also started to discover her love of dance and so this has become her thing- she is living and breathing ballet these days- did I mention she is only three? She too is hitting her stride.

   As we enter October we as a family are learning what life is like with busy kids- school, soccer, ballet, paying with friends- my days of hibernating with baby are over. Life is expanding outside of the house and we are adapting to that- life with kids- actual big kids- is busy! These's Littles of ours are finding an identity outside of us- they are doing things on their own and turning into individuals- needing not as much perhaps- unless a grilled cheese sandwich is needed.

    Change, it has been said, is good- and it is but it just takes some getting used to. Acknowledging that we have kids and not babies is exciting but a little sad at the same time. Last night I stayed up way too late looking at pictures from just a few short years ago and how little they each were- at the time I thought I would never see the end of diapers and onsies- now The Boy's shoes are almost the same size as mine! I celebrate these Littles of mine and the people they are turning into- I look forward to my own future as I figure out what I want to do with my life next.  I feel like I too am hitting my stride.


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