Thursday, October 4, 2012

One Vest -Two Ways

   I thought that for today I would put Thrifted Thursday on hold to talk about some recent sewing I have done for my boy. As mentioned the other day I don't sew nearly as much as I should for him- which I feel is a pretty common occurrence among sewers with boys and girls. There are so many fantastic patterns and fabrics to choose from for girls and women that often our boys get missed.  In keeping with my Seam Allowance pledge I decided to make this young man of mine something special for the upcoming holiday weekend.

   If you follow along with my blog you may recognize the above green vest- it is the Explorers vest from the Oliver & S book Little Things To Sew. This book is an absolute favourite of mine- easy to follow instructions and fun yet classic patterns for both girls and boys! I sewed the Explorer vest back in the summer and with all the pockets for collecting it has been in constant rotation. With the popularity of that vest I thought I would sew another but make it a bit more pared down- I nixed the pockets which gives this new vest more of a "young man about town" quality!

     I had a scant half yard of this lovely stripey linen that I was saving for a rainy day and it was just enough to make the front and back of the vest- I lined and pipped the vest with simple black linen- leather buttons give this garment a bit of rugged, vintage flair. Worn over a long sleeve shirt from
Red Fish Kids this vest becomes the perfect layering piece for dinner at Momo and Poppa's house.

     I love finding patterns that I can make over and over into completely different garments- just by swapping up the fabrics and construction a tad. I feel with these two vests in his wardrobe The Boy will be just a bit warmer and a tonne sharper!

p.s.- I will admit I am hopeless when it comes to sewing some items- like jersey- and so I am so happy to have a place like Red Fish Kids Clothing to go for basics as well as amazing key pieces. I would say this is our favourite shop to buy clothes for our Littles! Plus they gave us all red balloons today- love!


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