Friday, October 5, 2012


      Today marks the beginning of a four day food and family extravaganza- it also marks the beginning of holiday season in my my mind.  Thanksgiving is quite possibly my favourite holiday on the calender ( besides my birthday- it's in February- be sure to send gifts)- I like to think of it as Christmas with out all the snow and stress. What Thanksgiving means to me is a chance to unplug from city life and slip into my Country Mouse routine! Oh and have other people do all the cooking- thanks Dad!

     The photo above was taken by my Sister in Law three short years ago at a favourite pumpkin gathering spot of ours- Davidson Orchards in Vernon- we go every year. My Mr. and I look somewhat scattered and our babes are so wee- Miss Lo was only about six weeks old at the time- I cant even remember most of this time- so I am grateful for all the pictures my Sister in Law shot that day!

    This year we may break with tradition a bit- My Father in Law has something planned for The Littles and I am just as excited as they are! I may pop in on Monday for a quick hello but most likely you will find me drinking Mimosas with my sister at a family brunch- I just want to soak up as much of our dear families as possible this weekend! ( cue eye roll from my sister)

    As with every holiday we have our own traditions that we draw on from our childhoods- my Mother used to get my sister and I to collect all sorts of leaves and sticks- flowers if there were any left- and to create the center piece for our Thanksgiving feasts. Really I feel it was a make work project for any child who happened to be underfoot! This year our Littles are big enough to carry on this tradition- we started off by gathering pine cones and making these funny turkey- which will become surrounded by fall foliage on Momo's table this coming Sunday afternoon!

    Sitting on my deck in the sunshine it is difficult to believe that another Thanksgiving is upon us but it is indeed- from here on out the days get shorter and rainier and before you know it Winter Solstice will be here. I am so thankful for this extension of summer- this year has been a good year and this is the perfect way to say farewell to the sun and prepare to tuck in for the winter.

     Friends even if it not Thanksgiving in your neck of the woods I hope that you can pause and think of a few things to be grateful for- we should all be so lucky! May you have sunshine on your back and fire in your cup- happy Friday friends!

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