Friday, August 24, 2012

Learning to Breath

   I will be the first to admit that this whole Mom gig can be all consuming and overwhelming at times, I love my Littles but have a difficult time carving time out for myself- I forget to breath. This leads to an often cranky Mom come six o'clock which happens to be the witching hour at our house- you know that moment when you are trying to get food on the table and everyone is having a melt down- yup that is six o'clock for us! So in an effort to reclaim some of my adult brain cells that have nothing to do with lifting someone up or counting garbage trucks and dogs- which I happily do all day long- I went out on a grown up picnic the other night with my friend Caro.

  Initially we were just thinking mainly where could we go to drink wine that isn't too expensive and there are no kids around- immediately we thought of Spanish Banks- OK there are kids there but they aren't ours on this night! What started out as a couple of glasses of wine and some cheese turned into this epic evening of sunshine, warm breezes, great food and loads of giggles!

   Food and drink always tastes better when consumed outdoors-especially with the sunshine beating down on your back. The view could not have been beaten and I would like to argue that The Real Housewives of Vancouver are not nearly as rich as Caro and I were this evening out at Spanish Banks!

   Now that word has gotten out about our adventure there is talk that more of our friends want to join us - this should not be a surprise because we all like a largish glass of wine- or three! We are all Moms with kiddos around the same age, all university educated women who have worked for the larger part of our lives and while we all love and cherish our children there seams to be an underlying thread of struggling to find balance. I think there is a fair amount of camaraderie between us all as we figure this balancing act out- one thing I know for sure is that after a few hours of pretty flowers, good food & wine, all topped off with excellent company I am a happier and more tolerant Mom.

  Happy Friday friends- if you are in the Lower Mainland it is harvest season and the Farmer's Markets are bursting with goodies- check one out & support your local economy! Where ever you are in this great planet of ours hope you are surrounded by love and joy! See you Monday!


  1. Sharilyn you are making me hungry for cheese and wine! If you ever need either someone to have a beach picnic with or someone to wrangle your kiddos while you drink wine on a patio just call :)

    1. any time lady! any time! wait did you just offer to babysit?!! Yes! haha!


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