Monday, August 27, 2012

Creating a Creative Family

    I often get asked how we manage to be so creative? The follow up question is usually - Doesn't it take a lot of effort? In response to the first question- I don't know how we manage to be so creative- it just is the path I have followed for so long- in fact it is more of a drive than anything- a feeling deep with in that I must make things. Why do anything normally when you can make it special? This is something that we try and have in every aspect of our lives- from how we eat, to what we wear (OK the Mr. is not so concerned with this point) and how we spend our time. The follow up question is answered with yes it does take an amount of effort to live creativly- at first- then it just becomes second nature.

    With so much interest being shown in living a creative life and more specifically raising creative kids I thought I would dedicate this week to sharing with you all how we are creating a creative family. We don't just want to raise kids who are content making things for themselves- which is great- we want them to question why they should be making and doing for themselves. For creating is not just a visual thing, creating is a revolutionary way of life- by revolutionary I mean - to start a revolution!

    Arts and Crafts, home cooking and canning hardly seam the stuff of political resistance however I find that any time one pauses for a moment and thinks about who made their pants or harvested their lettuce a swing in consiousness happens. Now I understand not everyone can sew their own clothing or even grow their own food- wouldn't it be a great thing if we could! By pausing and considering all aspects before making a purchase and perhaps even just being open to considering other options one starts down a more creative path and this is what I like to use as my compass.

    Politics aside I just really enjoy making stuff- I find deep satisfaction in knowing something I made is out in the world being useful and beautiful. This week I want to share some of my key ways to lead a more creative life- an interview with a dear friend who is a fantastic artist, where I find inspiration, a project for kids and living with art- all these goodies are here at Weekdays From Scratch this week!


  1. Looking forward to this week Sharilyn!!

  2. This post really resonates with my values Sharilyn!
    Some of the most creative people I have ever met are from Ghana. Creativity is also born from resilience and the belief that you can create your own opportunities!

    Check out the amazing evidence below!

    1. Thanks for the links- will check out right now!


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