Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thrifted Thursday

   This is the wall above our bed- above it is what I refer to as our Family Gallery- a collection of random mis- matched frames filled with the faces of our not- so- wee- any more- babes! I can not lie- I love to wake up in the morning and see these little faces beaming down on us- I think this is the best art we could possibly have above our bed. I have been looking to expand - adding in a few newer portraits of the Littles and  to re-organize the entire wall. I'm thinking the re-vamp will take place when the weather is a bit more dismal and I'm not daily at the water park but I am always on the look out for frames to add to my collection.

   Last week found me visiting with an old friend- she herself is not old it's just that we have known each other for quite a while- anyways this friend of mine has quite the enviable stash of vintage frames. Apparently she was looking to part with a few because much to my Mr.'s dismay when he came to pick me up I had an arm load of new- to- me frames! These will be perfect for the re-vamp of my Family Gallery wall- although at this point I have yet to decide if I will spray paint the frames different colours or if they will remain as is.

    I have a bit of a frame problem- I used to work in a framing and art supply shop- I was constantly debating what frames "could be made into mirrors"- yah I'm a freak I know. I really do think though that sprayed out cloud white or shrimp pink this big frame would make a great mirror! Stay posted for the big reveal with these frames- I will eventually make up my mind!


  1. I'm so with you Sharilyn. Frames are very addicting. They just make walls and the things inside them look pretty!

    1. It's true Caitlin! I rarely find a frame I can pass up- help I need more room!


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