Monday, June 13, 2016

Life Lately

        Life lately has been a bit of a whirl wind- to say the least. As many people who read this blog have possibly already heard- either via word of mouth or social media our little family has made some major life changes of late. We are moving home to the Okanagan- a brand new adventure for all of us. While my Mr. and I both grew up in the Okanagan it's a place that we haven't lived together as a couple- ever! We both moved to Vancouver when we were kids- fourteen years later we are ready to head East again and start a new chapter in our life.

           This move comes at a time when housing prices are skyrocketing in Vancouver- there is literally no way we could ever afford the type of house or lifestyle we desire. However housing is not the main reason we are moving. When we came home from our trip to California at the beginning of March both the Mr. and I felt off- we felt something was missing from our life here in Vancouver. We felt stuck in a cycle of business that neither of us were interested in- the rat race if you will. At what could be considered the height of our careers we were both feeling flat and rather unfulfilled. As a family we felt disconnected and out of control. We needed a change.

          Its so funny how the Universe opens the right doors just when you need it. Things just started lining up and happening- slowly at first- new jobs and then a place to live- our own home right by the beach- a garden and a clothes line. Slowly we are starting to dismantle our life in Vancouver- one by one doing all the things we love to do and wish to do just one last time- we can't bear to start saying good bye to people yet- those tears will come in a few months. Vancouver will always be such a special place to our family- it's where we fell in love, became a couple, became parents, watched our babies walk, the run, then bike.

       This change is exciting- and at the same time so scary. We have done this whole life thing on our own for so many years we will have to relearn how to be a part of a larger family once again. We are such a part of an amazing community here in Vancouver- walking down the school hall to do drop off we feel like we belong- we will have to find a new community again. This relearning of how to adult in a city that is so familiar and yet so changed from the one we knew before. Exciting but scary stuff! They say you can't go home but we can't wait to get started!

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